First let me start off with thanking you for visiting our family web site. Splash Kennels is our family hobby, my wife and I started it some six years ago with two American labs. My son Houston labs name is Spook and my daughter's labs name is Sage. After a year of some real hard driven training I was reading the Memphis Business Journal one morning and ran across a advertisement about Robert Milners Duck Hill Kennels. I had been given his book (Back To Basics)  as a Christmas gift in 2001. I decided I would pay him a visit. That is when it all started. I acquired my first British lab, Spec, that changed everything. He was a pleasure to raise. A year after that we expanded our dog pens from two to four. That's when I acquired Cache from Mr. Robert. By far the best dog I will ever own. Really ruined me in my quest in learning how to reward wanted behaviors. Cache has always produced behaviors that were pleasant and controllable. After about a year I expanded to six pens and acquired Heather which is my wife's and Mr. Roberts. She was one of the second breeding of the Buccleuch pedigree, which is the original strain of Labrador that Mr. Robert brought from "across the pond". Heather by far exceeds the hunt drive and the desire to please. So as my friendship with Mr. Robert has grown, we have spent numerous hours talking about breeding and what to look for and what not to accept in the characteristics of a gun dog. He allowed me to breed Cache to Heather in March of 2011. Heather produced five of the most talented dogs a person could ask for. I kept three out of the litter, Jackson, Dutchess and Pepper. So in the summer of 2011 we expanded our kennels yet again. This time with nine runs, three on sand with a drainage system for the younger dogs and a raised puppy pen. I recon now you could say we have a small Kennel.
       Along the way I have changed the way I perceive-look at things. Two of the major things is that we raise labs first and foremost as a pleasure dog. Reason being, is that we only hunt with them in the field for half the year, the other half their hanging out at work, on the road, in the yard, even going on family outings, so they must behave and be a pleasure to have around. Second, we have been fortunate to raise several nice dogs in the past few years and place them with associates. Some would call them clients, but we like to get to know the person or family that is getting the dog, so it becomes a family member. Plus we raise the dogs as they are going to be kept as a personal companion so we don't feel like their a commodity. We also expect to see these dogs back in the future. It's kind of like this, if the breeding is right then the behavior will be right, all the rest will come. 
       I can't say or thank Mr. Robert Milner enough, for what started out as a acquaintance has turned in to be one of the best friendships I have ever had. For what he has taught me about breeding selection and shaping behaviors and along with allowing me to hang out around Duck Hill Kennels for the past six and half years. Thank you from the bottom of mine and my family's heart. May God Always Bless You and Mrs. Susan.

Ernest C. Clark & Family

Splash Kennels