Splash Kennels Working Chocolate Labradors

     There is a myth out there, that the British do not recognize chocolate Labradors as a working dog, I was lead to believe that too some years ago, since we have started our own personal British Labrador Kennel, and the many, many dogs we have conditioned and studied for what we consider to have the top qualities for our selective breeding program, we have had on a regular basics associate acquiring  about chocolate labs.

        Now let me refer back to what I had mentioned at the beginning about being lead to believe that the British did not produce a working chocolate lab, years ago I had ask a great friend/mentor a question about the chocolate lab the response was,"I have trained some very nice chocolate labs in the past, all American breed, the trouble that he said with the chocolates is that their breed for their color and not for inherited traits, it's like this, someone has a really smart, nice temperament, female chocolate lab, and right down the road there someone that has a really nice black male with all the selective traits to produce a nice calm tractable dog, instead of the person with the female electing to breed to the black Male just a mile down the road, they drive 400 miles and breed to the chocolate male that has never been out of the back yard, was breed just for his color, has absolutely no natural inherited  traits, and in turn produces a semi if at all a tractable lab." In conclusion, my friend's response they were bred for their color. I get asked by associates all the time, what color do I prefer, my response is because we have done all the hard work analyzing, conditioning, what is under the color is what I prefer. 

        So which brings me to a decision we made some four years ago to supply a demand without compromising are core breeding values. We started searching, for a line of British Working Chocolates, mostly what we were coming up with was show dogs. We were about to the point of believing that the possibility of finding a working line of British Chocolate was none existing, so while talking to a good friend in 2014 that had just returned from A two-week vacation in England and had gone to the IGL championship. I brought up the frustration about not being able to come up with a resource of a working class of chocolate, He immediately looked at me and said I meet a lady while in England and actually went on a shoot, and she was picking up with her dogs and they were chocolate, immediately the questions started flowing, Her name is Dorothy Walls-Duffin, her kennel is called Grangemead, we immediately made contact with her a started the process of forming a friendship. As one would expect there were concerns from Ms. Dorthy of to our conditioning methods, she actually did her research on Splash Kennels and through some other British trainers that had visited the states and have worked with us found out our conditioning of animals is signal and reward based, at that point She was comfortable with selling us four puppies, that's when we acquired Marcus and Mocha, and Pilot and Paloma. Unlike most breeders we have raised the pups, watched them develop and could not be any happier with the outcome, so there is a line of working British  Chocolate labs in the United States and they were brought over for their color but they have inside them over twenty years of Ms. Dorthys hard work of selectively breeding for the right inherent traits. 

       I sincerely hope if you are reading this that you can appreciate the fact that Splash Kennels spared no expense to achieve what we consider one of the best stock of British Working Labrador retrievers in the United States. Please go to our Breeding Criteria article to get a better understanding of our process for which we base this off of.

    We sincerely appreciate the time that you have taken to read our journey on acquiring these animals.

The Best Regards

Craig & Stacy Clark